You Know You’re a Backpacker When…

Certain things change when you start travelling, particularly in the backpacker world. You suddenly have the desire to do things out of the ordinary and act in different ways than what ‘normal’ society dictates. It can be simple things or down right stupid things so You Know You’re a Backpacker When

  • You have the sudden urge to wear anklets/foot jewellery/random bits of string
  • Drinking excessively on a weekday is completely normal
  • …and being sober is an odd sensation and kinda painful!
  • Beard growing, dreadlocks and general hairiness are actively encouraged (sometimes referring to both sexes!)
  • When you won’t spend $4 on a meal, but will blow $20 on booze without a second thought
  • You’ll haggle over 10baht with complete stubbornness – despite it only being 30p
  • Suntan cream and bug spray are your biggest expenses
  • Trying to sleep in a room where people are having sex is something you just deal with
  • The swimming pool DOES count as a shower (failing that public beach showers are the way forward)
  • Wifi is the deal breaker when looking for a bed for the night
  • Sleeping in a van at the side of the road is living the dream

    Parked up for the night
    Parked up for the night

  • Shoes are no longer part of your day to day dress code
  • …and wearing a tshirt is “getting dressed up”
  • …you also genuinely can’t remember the last time you wore socks!
  • Jumping out of a plane is a standard day out
  • You post status updates on Facebook for no other reason that to annoy your friends at home
  • You have no idea how much money you actually have – but you’re sure it’s enough
  • Smelling your clothes is how you pick what to wear (aka “sniff and see!”)
  • This rule also applies to food!
  • The free food shelf is a gold mine
  • You have 800+ Facebook friends but can only really remember a handful of them
  • You’ve perfected the squat toilet technique
  • Tiger balm cures EVERYTHING
  • Your iPod is your most treasured possession
  • If its free, you’ll take – regardless of whether you like/want/need it!
  • You save money by putting apples through as onions on self serve supermarket tils!
  • You can tell anyone the price of booze and where happy hour is…but have non clue about what the time is

    Forget the Amazon tour, let's drink!
    Forget the Amazon tour, let's drink!

  • …or what day of the week it is (see airport transfer concerns!)
  • The only local language you know is how to swear, order a beer and chat up girls/guys at the bar
  • You have a massive craving for things like PG Tips, Heinz Baked Beans, Peanut Butter….
  • You steal toilet paper from places simply so you don’t have to buy it
  • Being able to juggle, dread hair or play with fire suddenly seems like a good career path
  • “I’ll do that tomorrow” actually translates as “I’ll leave it to the last minute or forget”
  • You can name every possession you own
  • …and where in your bag you need to locate it at 3am in a dark hostel dorm
  • Which also means airline baggage handlers are your arch nemesis
  • A 31 hour bus/ferry/train combo is preferential over the extra $40 it’ll cost to fly there in 3 hours

So how many have you guys ticked off – or is that list simply making you wary about hitting the road?!


March 1, 2012
Hahaha spot on mate, love it. Only other one I could think of was haircuts - you'll only get a haircut if someone magically appears with a pair of clippers. Sod paying for one. ... probably only applys to lads though.
March 1, 2012
Haha that's definitely true! While I was in Thailand I was 'that guy' who had the hair clippers with him. I can't remember the amount of people who asked me to do it for them. It was weird at first but became normal after a while.
March 5, 2012
This is hilarious! Mine to include probably would be: 1) Taking food from the breakfast buffet to wrap up for lunches. 2) You ninja stealth like manage to find the only remaining free plug socket before everyone else. 3) Sleep in your bed until 5 mins before you are due to leave resulting in cramming everything in your bag. 4) Going commando after thinking 'I'll wash my smalls tomorrow..'

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