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scuba dive in byron bay julian rocks australia padi ssi east coast

Scuba Dive In Byron Bay (Intro or Certified Dive)


Scuba dive in Byron Bay – one of the top dive sites in Australia! Introductory scuba dives and Certified dives at the famous Julian Rocks

Looking to scuba dive in Byron Bay? Well join our good buddies at Byron Bay Dive Centre for an awesome day underwater at one of the top dive sites in Australia!

Julian Rocks is world renowned and this Marine Reserve is home to some incredible underwater creatures – including turtles, rays, shoals of fish and heaps of Wobbegongs!

If you’re diving surfing the winter period cruise alongside Grey Nurse sharks, an experience you’ll never forget!

For those wanting to scuba dive in Byron Bay during the warmer summer months keep yours eyes on the blue for your chance to spot Manta Rays or Leopard Sharks.

It’s a dive site that will keep even the most experienced divers occupied!


Introductory Scuba Dive

Never scuba dived before? No worries – an introductory scuba dive in Byron Bay will teach you all the basic skills needed to explore the underwater world. You’ll joined an experienced and certified instructor who will run you through everything in the heated pool, making sure you’re feeling confident before heading out to Julian Rocks.

They’ll be by your side throughout the dive and you can reach a max depth of 12m.


Certified Dive

Already a certified PADI or SSI diver? Perfect! Jump on a certified scuba dive and explore below the surface. If you don’t have a dive buddy with you that’s no worries, they’ll pair you up with someone of equal experience level so you can dive safely.



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