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Koh Phi Phi

Looking to complete your open water dive course in Thailand?

Learning to scuba dive on the island paradise of Koh Phi Phi on Thailands West Coast is a bucket list tick you’ll never forget!

This 3 day SSI open water dive course with our buddies at Barakuda Scuba will give you all the knowledge needed to be a confident and competent scuba diver. Your certified and experienced instructor will guide you through all the skills needed to explore the underwater world – from how to setup your gear and clearing your mask to buoyancy control and safe diving practices.

Sure it isn’t quite as budget friendly as scuba diving on Koh Tao, but in our teams opinion the diving on Koh Phi Phi is much more vibrant and diverse – well worth splashing the extra cash!

Swim alongside schools of tropical fish, explore colourful coral reefs and discover the amazing world beneath the waves – learning to scuba dive is an incredible experience and completing your open water dive course on Koh Phi Phi is the perfect location to do it!

There are 2 course options available depending on your time frame and budget;

  • Full Course – all modules (inc theory) completed in person on Koh Phi Phi ($635)
  • Online Theory Option – theory to be completed online before arrival (1 day shorter and $435)

Additional information

Course OptionsFull Course, Online Theory Option

Day 1

Theory in the morning, Beach (shallow water) training in the afternoon.


Day 2

Two Open water dives in the morning, Theory in the afternoon or evening.


Day 3

Two more Open water dives.

maximum of 2 students to one instructor and you will be provided with a personal dive computer when diving. For your comfort we have long 3mm wetsuits, which may be preferable for you if you get cold easily, as well as the usual shorty suits. To prevent chaffing and blisters on your feet and toes we use 5mm dive booties and open heel fins rather than the full foot fins which are often uncomfortable.


The following schedule is normal but can be adjusted to fit with your travel plans;


Day 1: 9 AM Theory in the morning (approximately 3 hours 30 minutes), shallow water training in the afternoon (3-4 hours).

Day 2: 7.45am Open water dives in the morning (starts 7.30am finishes at 1pm), Theory in the afternoon or evening (2-3 hours). You can swap the theory and diving so that you arrive for theory at 9am and go diving at 1.30pm with the dives finishing at approximately 6.15pm).

Day 3: Diving in the morning or afternoon (either the same start time as day two morning dives or afternoon dives starting at 1.30pm and finishing at 6.15pm).


All diving courses require you to be medically fit to dive, I have attached a standard dive medical form, if there are any questions you need to answer ‘yes’ then please check with your doctor and have him/her complete the second page of the medical.


The equipment includes a choice of 3mm shorty or long suit, 5mm boots to prevent blisters on your toes, Mares super channel fins, mask (regular, large face, small face and prescription masks are available), regulator with a Suunto dive computer and a BCD. We have tea, coffee, drinking water, a selection of fruit and a lunch of your choice to keep you refreshed and energized.


There are also 15 litre tanks if you use a lot of air at no extra charge.


All dive trips in the national park are subject to a first day entry and diving charge of 400 baht with 2nd and 3rd days incurring a charge of 200 baht. Snorkelers and passengers pay 400 baht. For open water courses this means that there is a total of 600 baht to pay for the National Park Fees.


You will need a break of 24 hours between the end of your last dive and flying so please take this into consideration when making your travel plans.

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