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Learn To Surf In Byron Bay With Mojo Surf


Want to learn to surf in Byron Bay? Join the crew of Mojo Surf School for this half day lesson in amongst the famous waves of Australias East Coast

Want to learn to surf in Australia?

Well why not hit the waves and learn to surf in Byron Bay with the awesome crew of Mojo Surf?

You’ll head to the beautiful beaches of the most Easterly Point of Australia where eat, sleep, surf, repeat is the main lifestyle and you’ll be feeling the stoke in no time!

Guided by an experiences and certified surf instructor they’ll run through everything you need to know to learn to surf in Byron Bay – from the basics of paddling and popping through to ocean safety.

Before you know it you’ll be up and riding which a huge smile on your face!

Learning to surf in Byron Bay is going to be one of your highlights on the East Coast – so what are you waiting for?!

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