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bula combo pass fiji island hopping passes yasawas

Fiji Island Hopping Pass – Bula Combo Passes


Looking for a Fiji Island Hopping Pass? Explore the Yasawas Island in Fiji for up to 21 days on a Bula Combo Pass – inc accommodation and island transfers

Island hopping in Fiji is a must on any around the world trip – beautiful beaches, palm trees, blue skies and crystal clear waters…what is there not to like?! A Fiji Island hopping pass is the perfect way to take the stress out of figuring it all out too!

And if you want to kick back on island time then the Yasawa Island chain is one of the most popular spots to find your own slice of paradise.

Choose your perfect Fiji Island Hopping Pass Bula Combo Passes from the guys at Awesome Adventures Fiji 0 the easiest and most flexible ways to experience the Yasawas, giving you the choice of a variety of islands, accommodation options and time frames – so you can tailor your Fiji travels to your own style and budget.

With accommodation and island transfers included it’s just a case of deciding how long you want to spend exploring this stunning part of the world – and with heaps of activities such as swimming with Manta rays, shark snorkelling, scenic hikes and snorkel on offer there’s more than enough to keep you busy!

  • 5 days from $602
  • 7 days from $840
  • 10 days from $1194
  • 12 days from $1400
  • 15 days from $1690
  • 21 days from $2236

For more details on the accommodation options for 1 and 2 coconut passes please check out the accommodation tab.

Additional information

Pass Length

5 Days, 7 Days, 10 Days, 12 Days, 15 Days, 21 Days

Accommodation Style

1 Coconut, 2 Coconut

Room Type

Dorm, Twin/Double

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