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The Yasawa Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Fiji and with good reason – this island chain is filled with tropical beaches, friendly locals and amazing adventures.

Whether you fancy snorkelling with manta rays, swimming with friendly reef tip sharks or simply kicking back in a hammock watching the world go by there’s something for everyone.

The 12 day, 11 night Tropical Island Explorer is the perfect way to spend a few weeks island hoping in Fiji – covering 6 incredible islands throughout the Yasawas.

This Fiji island hopping package includes everything you need for you time in paradise – including island transfers on the Yasawa Flyer, 11 nights accommodation, meals and even the option to add on the Full Monty Activity Pack which contains some of the best activities each island has to offer!

We know island life means something different for everyone so there’s also 3 levels of accommodation to choose from depending on your style and budget;

  • 1 Coconut – Backpacker Style

This is the most affordable option in dorms and bures. The accommodation is simple but still on a beautiful beach! Run by friendly locals what they lack in hot water they more than make up for with atmosphere and personality! For those who want real Fijian adventure.

  • 2 Coconut – Backpacker to Flashpacker

For those who want a little more comfort and modern style these dorm and bures come with fans or A/C and meals are a little more varied. Don’t worry you’ll still have plenty of Fijian hospitality too!

  • 3 Coconut – Flashpacker and Resort Style

If you want to experience Fiji in resort style then this is the option to go with. Welcome cocktails, buffet style meals and en suites can be expected so you can experience paradise in style! Meals aren’t included though, so check out the information tab for prices.

(You can view the full list of accommodation options for each day in the itinerary tab)

Whichever option you go with you’ll be exploring amazing, palm tree fringed beaches, swimming in warm clear waters and meeting some incredible people.

Sit back, relax and enjoy life on Fiji time!

Looking for a longer or more flexible adventure in Fiji?

Check out our range of Bula Combo Island Hopping Passes.

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Islands Visited6
Accommodation Options1 Coconut, 2 Coconut, 3 Coconut
Room OptionsDorm, Double, Twin
Optional ExtrasFull Monty Package

Day 1

Just 30 minutes after departure we’ll have you on the beach! Sand between your toes, cold drink in hand – it’s straight into relaxing on the island of your choice. Depending on your flight arrival time you can take the 8:30am, 9:00am, 12:15pm or 3:15pm departure to the island of your choice.



  • Dorm: South Sea Island (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Bounty (Island Bure)


  • Dorm: South Sea Island (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Bounty (Beachfront Bure)

3 COCONUT: Octopus (Point Villa)

MEALS Lunch if arriving early, dinner

FULL MONTY Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure


Day 2

Kick back with more swimming, non-motorised watersports and sunbathing. Full Monty Guests have a special outing aboard ‘Seaspray’ sailing the outer Mamanuca Islands. Enjoy the crystal clear water for snorkelling and swimming, a traditional Fijian village visit and Kava ceremony (except Sunday). Visit the island featured in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Cast Away’. Morning / afternoon tea and a barbecue lunch plus all beverages including beer and wine are included.

STAY as for Day 1

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner

FULL MONTY as for Day 1


Day 3 & 4

ime to head for the Yasawas with a short vessel transfer on the ‘Yasawa Flyer’ to the southern end of the Yasawas where the islands are dominated by stunning monolithic mountains.



  • Dorm: Naqalia (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Naqalia (Ocean View Bure)


  • Dorm: Wayalailai (Dorm) or Barefoot Kuata (Deluxe Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Wayalailai (Bure) or Barefoot Kuata (Bure with Ensuite)

3 COCONUT: Paradise Cove (Garden Bungalow)

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Choose 2 of 3: Naqalia and Wayalailai – Guided summit walk AND either Fijian cooking lesson OR Reef snorkelling/swim with the sharks. Barefoot Kuata – 15 min intro dive, building fish houses OR snorkelling with sharks.


Day 5 & 6

Laze around, enjoy kayaking or snorkelling prior to your late morning transfer to the island of Naviti. White Sandy Beach and Korovou are Fijian run properties where you’ll feel at home. These resorts share the same beach and beautiful bay and are just a short walk from each other. Relaxation is the name of the game here – but if you insist on being active there is plenty on offer.



  • Dorm: White Sandy Beach (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: White Sandy Beach (Beachfront Bure)


  • Dorm: Korovou (Deluxe Dorm) or Barefoot Manta (Deluxe Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Korovou (Beachfront Bure) or Barefoot Manta (Bure with Ensuite)

3 COCONUT: Nanuya Island (Deluxe Villa)

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Choose from: White Sandy Beach and Korovou – Swimming with manta rays (May to Oct), snorkelling at reef sites OR other activities offered. Barefoot Manta – swimming with manta rays (May to Oct), 15 min intro dive OR building fish houses.


Day 7 & 8

Board the ‘Yasawa Flyer’ just before midday for a short transfer to the Northern most area of the islands we travel to – the stunning Blue Lagoon region, scene of the famous Brooke Shields movie. Enjoy island walks, magnificent beaches and coral. Hit the beach at sunset and watch for flying fish. Go snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon or enjoy a fantastic trip to the Sawa-I-Lau Caves where a short underwater swim takes you into the surreal underground cavern. The rest of the day is yours to chill.



  • Dorm: Long Beach (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Long Beach (Beachfront Bure)


  • Dorm: Coralview (Dorm 10 bed aircon) or Safe Landing (Std Bure shared facilities)
  • Double/twin: Coralview (Garden View Bure) or Safe Landing (Beachfront Bure)

3 COCONUT: Coconut Beach Resort (Beachfront Bure) or Blue Lagoon Beach Resort (Garden Villa)

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Choose 2 of 3: Sawa-I-Lau Caves trip AND either Blue Lagoon snorkelling trip by boat to awesome reef sites OR an Island massage.


Day 9 & 10

Late afternoon transfer. Stow the bags and enjoy some of the best snorkelling and diving with an abundance ofcolourful corals and marine life just off the beach. From May to October you will have the chance to swim with the manta rays. They are wild animals so whilst usually present during this time there are no guarantees but if you’re lucky enough to see them, then it’s WOW! Catch the sunset with cocktail in hand, perhaps enjoy a night of Fijian dancing or a quiet chat around the kava bowl.



  • Dorm: Safe Landing (Dorm 20 bed) or Nabua (Dorm)
  • Safe Landing (Std Bure shared facilities) or Nabua (Bure)


  • Dorm: Mantaray (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Mantaray (Treehouse Bure)

3 COCONUT: Botaira (Deluxe Beachfront Bure)

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Choose 2 of 3: Safe Landing & Nabua – Sawa-I-Lau Caves trip, Blue Lagoon snorkelling trip by boat OR an Island massage. Mantaray – Swim with manta rays (May to Oct), guided snorkelling trip (Nov to Apr) OR Sunset Tube Cruise. Barefoot Manta – swimming with manta rays (May to Oct), 15 min intro dive OR building fish houses. 


Day 11

Enjoy a late afternoon transfer to Beachcomber the original party island where every day is Friday, the bar is open late, the band is playing and everyone is on the dance floor. But it’s not just about the parties – Beachcomber’s fantastic reputation is there also because of the great atmosphere, the hearty meals, white sandy beach, crystal clear waters and loads of activities. One hell of a place to finish your holiday!



  • Dorm: Beachcomber (Dorm 20 bed)
  • Double/twin: Beachcomber (Private Lodge Room)


  • Beachcomber (Dorm)
  • Double/twin: Beachcomber (Oceanfront Bure fan)

3 COCONUT: Beachcomber (Beachfront Bure aircon

MEALS Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 12

Hey we know you won’t want to leave. How about a last dive or snorkel, or maybe just a big sleep in! Celebrate your 12 days in Paradise with another ‘Fiji Baby’ or a shamefully tasty natural fruit smoothie.

MEALS Breakfast

INFO Choose your own departure time 9:45am, 1:00pm or 5:00pm.

There are some activities in the Yasawa Islands that are must dos – so Awesome Adventures Fiji have packaged them together in their Full Monty Add On Package, allowing you to pre book and save on heaps of awesome Fiji adventures!

These include;


A special day aboard ‘Seaspray’ sailing amongst the outer Mamanuca Islands. Enjoy the crystal clear waters for snorkelling and swimming, a traditional Fijian village visit and Kava ceremony (except Sunday). Visit the island featured in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Cast Away’. All booze, morning/afternoon tea and a barbecue lunch is included. It’s a stunner.


The boat trip up to the caves is worth doing for its own sake but then there’s the magical experience of the caves themselves. No diving is required to enter the main cavern as it’s just a few easy steps. We recommend you take the option to enter the secondary cavern where you need to swim through an underwater tunnel. See your resort for details.


Moua Reef is only a short boat ride from the white sandy beaches of Kuata and Waya Lailai Islands. A spectacular site from above and below the water with an abundance of colourful fish and beautiful corals. This outer reef is also home to some “friendly” Reef Sharks that you can snorkel with – gets the adrenalin pumping but they eat fish not people so no need to worry! Your local guides hand feed the sharks creating awesome underwater photo opportunities.


Learn how to cook some traditional Fijian dishes by actually preparing the meal yourself and then of course the best part – getting to eat it along with your fellow chefs!


Life in the Yasawas is village based. All Fijians are strongly rooted to their culture, land and their mataqali (family). You cannot however just wander into a village and must be accompanied by a person from there. Being able to visit one of these villages is a special experience sharing and learning about this different world to that of modern city life. Your guide will teach you basic protocols and accompany you around the village. It is a very relaxed tour and you’ll be able to wander freely, meeting the villagers and children as they go about their daily life. The Ratu (or Chief) may even welcome you.


PEAKS One of the more strenuous excursions on offer but definitely worth it. The southern Yasawas boasts rugged volcanic peaks with summits providing magnificent views over the surrounding islands and ocean. The best time to be there is sunrise or sunset (it’s also cooler for the climb!).


A number of the islands offer guided kayaking trips which venture away from the resort, ensuring you experience the very best spots. The guide knows the best route to take, the best snorkelling spots over a reef, the loveliest beaches and be able to tell you of life in the Yasawas as you go.


One of the most amazing experiences the natural world has to offer. These magnificent, majestic creatures come to this particular channel between two islands each day on the change of tide to feed. No photograph will prepare you for that first sighting of them. The mantas don’t seem to mind swimmers so there’s a good chance your encounter will be a lengthy one as they turn and glide in the waters beneath you, huge mouths open as they feed on the plankton.


A bit of fun under the sun! Chill out, cool drink in hand and mates floating along the water (in a tube or boat) and watching the sunset. What a great way to end the day in Fiji!


Now this is a must! You’re in Fiji in relaxation-mode so you just have to treat yourself to a luxurious island massage and relax that little bit more. Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)


Meet locals and other villagers out in their fishing boats. Experience throwing over a hand-line, laughing and joking with the crew and if you catch a fish, it’s a bonus!


Work with our dive team and marine biologists to construct fish houses on the beach to place in the shallows of our house reef for fish to nest ans spawn.


All guests choosing the Full Monty option of their package get an Awesome Adventures Fiji SULU or CAP and a ‘MAI YASAWA’ SOUVENIR BOOK – a magnificent 80 page photo book. The Full Monty option is only available on 1 and 2 Coconut grade packages.



Dorm and bures. If you need a hairdryer, these are not for you. Resorts are typically basic but on a beautiful beach. Usually there is no hot water but the local water supply is tepid. Bring your own towel, soap and other necessities. All these resorts are run by Fijians who love hosting and sharing their lives with you the guest. MEALS are included in most 1 Coconut properties in the accommodation price and packages. Meals are simple and filling, served at specific times of the day e.g. breakfast 8am – 9am, providing an opportunity to meet fellow travellers.



Dorm and bures. Generally more modern properties with a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than 1 Coconut grade but still with a strong Fijian flavour. There’s aircon or fans during generator operating hours. MEALS are included in some 2 Coconut properties in the accommodation price and packages. Those 2 Coconut properties that have Meal Plans at compulsory extra cost are indicated in the ‘Island Escapes’ and the package details. Meals are served at specific times of the day e.g. breakfast 8am – 9am, providing an opportunity to meet fellow travellers. Meals are generally more varied with more courses and an option to upgrade.



Bures only. Looking for a resort with more modern amenities and offering a more personal experience at great value prices then these are for you. You’ll enjoy a welcome cocktail, a full bar, a la carte or buffet dining. Many properties have a meal package plan which you pay to the resort. All rooms have aircon or fan, ensuite bathrooms and all necessities including towels supplied. All are in beautiful, often secluded locations, right on the beach. Option to upgrade to Captain’s Lounge for all vessel transfers. MEALS are not included in the accommodation price (except Beachcomber on certain packages). Resorts offer meals either on an a la carte basis (some nights buffets), on a pay as you go basis or in a “Meal Package” which must be purchased for the duration of your stay. Prices are per person per day and are paid directly to the resort in Fijian dollars. All our resorts seek to offer a mix of Fijian and European styles using fresh local produce. Be sure to give the uniquely Fijian dishes a try!

We know sometimes you are leaving home a long way ahead of getting to paradise and plans can change, so all 1 & 2 Coconut options can be booked on an open dated basis. All you need to do is confirm your arrival date and starting date with Awesome Adventures at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Fiji. The below ‘Right to Substitute’ conditions apply. Travel must commence no later than 12 months after purchase and meal prices valid at time of travel to be paid direct to resort.

Properties have generators, so you’ll have electricity from sunset ‘til midnight and generally for the first part of the morning, however, operating times can vary so please check with your resort. The local power socket is the same as for Australia and New Zealand. In most properties either the beds have mosquito nets or the windows have screens but we always recommend bringing along insect repellent!

Sunday is a day of rest and church going in the Yasawas. This means that conducted activities are not on offer however you are free to do activities on your own. In most villages you will be welcome to join the church service – an amazing experience. When travelling on a Full Monty package your activities will be organized around this.

Credit cards and travellers cheques can be now be used on most islands but it is still advisable to have some cash with you. If you’re on an Awesome Adventures Fiji package between FJ$40-$60 cash per day should be enough. For those passengers using the ‘Bula Pass’ and paying as they go, accommodation prices in the 1 and 2 Coconut properties are between FJ$105-$158 per night for a dorm and FJ$131-$200+ per person per night for a share twin/double bure (including 3 meals). Be sure to check whether meals are included in your choices.

The bank at the airport is open 24 hours. Cash machines are available at the Airport, in Nadi and there are two at Port DenarauMarina. The currency is the Fijian dollar. Check out current exchange rates to get a sense of how much you’ll need.

For all packages, passes and transfers. The Awesome Adventures vessel ‘Yasawa Flyer’ a high speed, modern catamaran, departs Denarau Marina at 8:30am daily for all Yasawa destinations. It returns daily at 5:45pm. South Sea Island, Bounty and Beachcomber are also serviced on this run. Additional departures to South Sea Island, Bounty and Beachcomber Island are also available at 9:00am, 12:15pm and 3:15pm on board South Sea Cruises’ vessels. See the map on the inside front cover of the brochure for island and resort locations.

Compulsory meal packages payable directly to the resort (in FJD):

Barefoot Kuata – extra charge $168

Barefoot Manta – extra charge $168

Blue Lagoon Beach – extra charge $218

Botaira – extra charge $221

Coconut Beach – extra charge $208

Coralview Resort – extra charge $222

Mantaray Resort – extra charge $189

Nanuya Island – A la carte – extra charge

Octopus – extra charge $218

Paradise Cove – extra charge $318 


Awesome Adventures Fiji reserves the right to substitute properties to an alternative property of the same caliber in the event that the requested resort is not available or to reverse the itinerary to accommodate where possible.

Terms & Conditions

To view the full T&Cs following the link below;


Provider Details
Awesome Adventures Fiji AUD
Phone: 679 675 0500
Port Denarau Marina Nadi Fiji

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