Top 10 Reasons I’m Looking Forward To My RTW Trip
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I am quitting my job, hanging up my stilettos and packing my backpack for a RTW adventure! It’s a bit daunting but mega exciting and the most spontaneous thing I have ever done! I am usually super organised but all I have done is book a one way flight to Bangkok!

So many travelling thoughts keep running though my head, but one question really gets my pulse racing…


What am I most looking forward to?”


1)      Not having a job

I have worked two jobs since I was 15, so I think I deserve a little break! So many people have said to me “doesn’t it scare you knowing that you have nothing to come back to?” and, quite frankly the answer is NO. Travelling the world is such a fantastic learning experience, it teaches you lessons that no job could ever teach. It opens your eyes to the world around you, rather than keeping you in your own little bubble and it enables you to ‘find’ yourself and have a think about what you want to get out of your life. Plus, If I want something I will work and work until I get it. So it will be fine!


2)      The ‘Backpacking’ experience

Not going to lie. I am petrified of backpacking. And staying in hostels. When I told my friends and family that was what I was going to be doing, they laughed in my face. Everyone I know who has been Backpacking seems to be so carefree. I need carefree in my life. The thought of just have one bag to live out of does, somehow, make me feel liberated! I can live without my heels and make up (I think…) and I can’t wait to put that tremendously gigantic backpack on and explore the unknown! And as for budgeting, well I’m going to try and avoid being a flash packer.


3)      Full Moon Parties

Who doesn’t dream about getting totally sloshed on a beautiful paradise island, dancing with fire and covering each other in UV paint? C’mon… It can’t just be me!


4)      Travel ‘Friend’

I am really looking forward to meeting the locals and other fellow travellers. I can’t wait to swap tips, stories and learn about new cultures from the people who know best.


travel backpacker planning rtw trip
My New Home!

5)      Beaches

White golden sand, turquoise ocean and the scorching yellow sunshine. Take me to Paradise. The Islands of Thailand, Bali and the Whitsunday’s are the picture perfect places that I cannot wait to visit.


6)      Blogging

Writing a blog is such a good way of keeping your friends and family up to date while you are away and it is a practical way to pass the time on boring train or plane journeys. It’s like an online diary of all of your experiences. I love writing, it takes me away from reality and I get lost in thought. It’s always fun to look back on older posts and remember what you did and how you felt at that particular time. My site, Totally Sam’s World, opened in June 2012 and I love it. It’s a great tool to help other travellers plan their trip or give readers a giggle. I love reading other people’s blog posts too. Learning about who they are, where they have been, what they have done and listening to their tips. Blogging rocks my socks.


7)      Sharing the laughs

This is super cheesy and I am not the romantic, slushy sort. But I’m really excited to be backpacking RTW with my Boyfriend. It is always good to share awesome experiences with someone special.


8)      *NEW*

Trying new things is sometimes a little nerve wracking but it’s good to open your mind and try experiences that you haven’t tried before. I think food is going to be my biggest nemesis, as I am not normally very adventurous with it. Grotty public transport scares me too, but I am willing to giving it a go! Being a bit of an adrenalin junkie I am most looking forward to learning to surf, going skydiving, getting my PADI open water diving qualification. Bring it on!


9)      Not being in the UK

Honestly, I am not the biggest fan the UK. I love my friends and family, and a good cup of tea. But apart from that, I really won’t miss it. The majority of people are rude, the places are dull and the weather sucks. Sometimes I genuinely believe that I have lost the colour from my eye sight because the days are so grey and miserable! Routine is not for me. I want to get out of my comfort zone, get a sun tan and start my adventure, many miles away.


10)   NYE in Sydney

I have always wanted to see in the New Year, watching the fireworks in Sydney. 2013/2014 is the one. Electric atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, lots of yummy Aussie accents and a whole lot of booze. Perf.

If the idea of doing these things gives you butterflies, or if you have just turned green with envy, then get out there and make it happen!

I know it is cliché, but you only live once…  so what’s stopping you?


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