The Least Romantic Restaurants in the World

If you’re fed up of Valentine’s Day and don’t fancy smooching all over your candle lit dinner and cooing sopping nothings into the ear of your sweetheart then why not try some of these restaurants where romance will be the last thing on your mind.

Cannibalistic Sushi, Japan

Sushi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and cannibalism is pretty much illegal so this restaurant is sure to create a bit of controversy.  You’ll find an open ‘body’ on each table so grab your chopsticks and dig out some sushi.

Modern Toilet, China

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with your loved one, the sight of them sat on the crapper has to be the biggest turn-off imaginable and that’s exactly what you’ll see during your meal at Modern Toilet. These guys have got rid of good old fashioned chairs and replaced them with toilets. Why? We have no idea; we just hope they aren’t plumbed in.

Buns and Guns, Lebanon

This military themed restaurant with the slogan ‘Sandwiches Can Kill You’ is likely to kill the passion as well as any edible looking animal in sight. Try the Mortar Burger or the M16 Carbine Meat Sandwich.  Veggies shouldn’t be put off by the hung-go mentality; The Terrorist is a tasty vegetarian option.

Penis Restaurant, China

Guo Li Zhuang serves every type of penis imaginable and will either be your worst nightmare and put you off penis for life or, you never know, it may awaken your inner pervert and you might love eating a bit of donkey dick.

Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

Nothing says romance like a handful of free condoms which is exactly what you get when you leave this safe sex restaurant. Designed to promote safe sex with the reassuring slogan, ‘Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy’.

The Grave Yard Restaurant, India

No one likes sitting next to a dead body while they eat their dinner but unfortunately that’s part of the deal at this Indian restaurant. The graves are thought to bring good luck and plenty of customers for the owners. How romantic.

 Has anyone been to any of these restaurants of know anyone know of any other unromantic places?


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