samantha starling rtw travel blogger

Can usually be found at: Totally Sam’s World 

Currently in: London, UK

Twitter via: @Miss_Starling and @TravelSamsWorld

Instagramming at: missstarling

Countries Visited; UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cape Verde, Thailand, USA

I’m a dancer, travel geek and material girl from the UK. I have always had a passion for exploring places I have never been before and sipping cocktails on a bright white beach. I usually go for all out luxury, but this year I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and losing my backpacking virginity. I want to explore the real world. And get a good sun tan while I do it.


Get to know me in 10 Questions


Best known for; Doing cartwheels on beaches.

Best travel moment; Island hopping by speedboat in Thailand.

Worst travel moment; Marmaris in Turkey, just everything about it. Tacky tourist resorts upset me!

Top travel tip; Find some beautiful place to get lost.

What are the top 5 items in your backpack? iPad, Camera,Boofle (my travelling doggy), some glam, oversized sunglasses and a nice little bikini. Oooh, I forgot passport- does that come as standard?!

Don’t tell my mum but…. I don’t apply my sun cream one hundred times a day like she tells me to!

Best way to meet new people on the road? Just talk to anyone who looks friendly!

Your one travel regret… Not staying in New York with my best friend for NYE. We came home the day before and partied in Fleet. It wasn’t quite the same…

Your most anticipated bucket list item?  I really want to salsa dance in an underground club in Cuba!

Current travel plans… My boyfriend and I are jetting off on a way one flight to Thailand on the 26th April. We are planning to backpack around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Eeeeee, exciting stuff!