Planning A Trip To Australia In 2023? Our Top Tips!
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Travel is back on the cards again and the East Coast of Australia is welcoming back heaps of travellers from all over the globe again – and to say the last few months has been busy is a bit of an understatement!

So if you’re planning a trip to Australia in 2023 we’ve got a few tips and pieces of advice to help make everything a bit smoother for you, especially if you’re heading to Australia soon!


Planning A Trip To Australia In 2023? Our Top Tips!

1) Pre book your main tours (especially if you’re travelling in high season)

The biggest issue many travellers are having at the moment (espeically if you’ve travelling within the next few months) is the fact a lot of tours are booking out weeks in advance.

This is especially true for Fraser Island tours and Whitsunday Sailing tours as they have limited departures per week.

In fact we’re recommending booking them in at least 4-6 weeks in advance where possible – so don’t expect to turn up in Rainbow Beach or Airlie Beach and jump on a trip in the next few days!

Day trips are still a bit more flexible, but getting them locked in at least a week in advance is certainly going to make everything a lot smoother for you.


2) Have a realistic budget

One of the biggest mistakes we’re seeing people making at the moment with their planning is expecting to do everything on a shoestring. Unfortunately Australia isn’t as cheap to travel as spots like South East Asia and prices for the 2023 season are certainly not the cheapest they’ve ever been either.

So don’t expect to smash out all the main bucket list ticks on the East Coast, including a private room for a month for $2,000 – it just won’t happen!

As a guide we recommend around $4,000 for a month long East Coast trip – which will include dorm accomodation, most of your meals, bus pass, and the top tours.


3) Research your route

Another big mistake people have is not checking out where all the trips and destinations are and ending up with a really muddled route.

Generally speaking if you can start or finish in Cairns, Sydney or Melbourne things will run the smoothest as it’s a nice continuous trip up or down the coast between those spots.

You can link together some other route with internal flights, but a little bit of research on Google Maps can make the flow of your trip much nicer.


4) Consider a working holiday visa

Want to really make the most of your time in Australia and top up your travel funds along the way?

Why not come over on a working holiday visa?

You’ll then have up to 24 months to stay, play and enjoy Australia whilst being able to get a job along the way too. So whether you want to work in a cafe, become a dive instructor or maybe even gain some work experience for your chosen career, it’s a great option to look into.

And our Working Holiday Visa Welcome Packages will help kickstart your trip too.


5) Try not to rush

And alongside the working holiday visa option, is the advice that if you can help it don’t try and rush your trip.

You’ll have a much more enjoyable experience spending 4-6 weeks in Australia than trying to pack it into 2 weeks, where you’ll spend most of your time on buses between locations rather than soaking up everything Australia is famous for!

We get that some people can’t have the time off or have the budget for a longer trip (which is why we’ve put together an epic 2 week Australia itinerary) but honestly the longer you have, the better the experience!


6) Chat to our travel experts (we’re here to help!)

We might be a little bias, but we reckon one of the best things you can do is chat to the team here at RTW Backpackers!

We’ve helped thousands of travellers make the most of their Aussie adventures and we’re here to give you honest, unbiased advice. We know, because we’ve travelled the East Coast heaps of time testing out the best tours and accomodation.

Unlike some big travel companies we’re not driven by commission levels or sales targets – we just want you to have an epic trip!


…and the most important thing – Enjoy Yourself!

Yup, the most important thing you can do is make sure you enjoy your trip. Australia is a stunning country, filled with incredible destinations and experiences, so make sure you do it your way and do all the things you’re heading down under to see and do!




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