Paris – 5 Budget Savers In Frances Capital

Paris – it’s the epitome of the romantic city escape which conjures up images of fine dining, sprawling night time cityscapes, good wine and picnics under the Eiffel Tower.

For those with jobs it’s a perfect place to splash some cash and treat a loved one.

But Paris can also cater for backpackers keen to sample the European hotspots, culture and history this part of the world has by the bucket load – and with a range of accommodation in Paris you can opt for hostels, guesthouses, couch surfing or hotels depending on your budget, city life doesn’t have to cripple your budget!

So what can Paris serve up for those with limited funds or a taste for something different?

Well here’s 5 budget savers for Frances capital…


Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris

If you love a bit of old school, grand architecture the gothis stone building of Cathedreal de Notre Dame de Paris will bit right up your alley! According to Lonely Planet it’s also the most popular unticketed site in Paris – 14 million people a year can’t be wrong hey?!

The pure detail and expanse of the building will captivate you for a good few hours…



Le Champ de Mars

Want to avoid the cost for getting up the Eiffel Tower? Well soaking up the sun here allows you some epic views, postcard perfect pictures and will leave you with an extra bit of cash in your pocket…the icon of France without the cost! Bonus points if you spot someone proposing!


Outdoor Food Markets

For the photographer in you food markets always provide some great pictures and a great way to pass a day exploring exotic treat and lets face it food is a huge part of travel. If you’re really on the backpacker scrounge you can chow down on free samples for lunch – consider it a backpacker tapas crawl!


Climb The Arc de Triomphe 

If you’re looking for some awesome views of Paris but don’t fancy the Eiffel Tower the Arc de Triomphe has some great panoramas, so instead of snapping it from the outside take the time to cimb up the small winding staircase and soak up the chaos around you.


The Louvre

Ok it cost to get in here – but if you can shell out 6 Euros maybe Paris isn’t the best place to be traveling to!

It’s one of the worlds biggest museums so you’ll easily get your monies worth on a visit here – with both the artworks it contains and the building itself being a huge draw for millions of visitors each year.


Personally I need to explore more of Europe – and Paris seems like a great bouncing point to start – I can’t wait to return here and see more of what France has to offer…Paris and beyond.


Has anyone else visited or lived in Paris? Any hints and tips to add to the list?


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