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Currently in: Transit

Twitter via: @BarefootBeachB

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Countries Visited; Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, 

I’m a writer, photographer, beach addict and gypsy from Australia. I spent my teenage years living the expat life in Bali and my university years traversing Australia and Indonesia. Now I’m just trying to figure out the best way to stay on the go, all the time!


Get to know me in 10 Questions

Best known for; being a restless wanderer who can’t be too far from the coast

Best travel moment; Starting a blog and deciding to make travel my career

Worst travel moment; Getting my brand new (uninsured) laptop stolen

Top travel tip; Don’t be afraid to skip the ‘must-sees’. You might end up somewhere much better.

What are the top 5 items in your backpack? My laptop, iPhone, olloclip, Nikon D7000 and GoPro.

Don’t tell my mum but…. I once got arrested on a school trip while in Malaysia… I was 15!

Best way to meet new people on the road? Be the interesting person you want to meet

Your one travel regret… Not exploring more of Indonesia when I was an expat there

Your most anticipated bucket list item?  An extended trip to South East Asia, encompassing all the lovely, cheap Asian goodness I could hope for.

Current travel plans… Currently in transit and making new decisions. I’d tell you what they were if I had any idea myself.