How To Work and Travel – Backpacking Jobs
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With the economy in a slump, it is often those lovely items like holidays that are first to be crossed off our list of ‘things we’d love to do’. But don’t despair; with cheap flights and a bit of know-how there is a way of getting that much needed escape and earning a few bob while you’re at it.

Working holidays have never gone out of fashion and can be a great way to earn, learn and see the world. It also looks good on your CV! Here are a few ideas how…



Doing a TEFL course has become the standard for anyone wanting to hot foot it to another country while making some cash along the way. With jobs in almost every country in the world you can choose from teaching English in Thailand to Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The one month course is your passport to travel and helping others learn your lingo at the same time.


If you have a way with words, you could try your hand at the travel writing scene. Pitching articles to magazines and websites is a good place to start while having your own blog is essential and great for keeping track of all your travel stories too. It might be hard to break into the industry but there is good earning potential if you do.


Handy with a frying pan and oven gloves? All level of cookery jobs are available from kitchen porter to five star chef.  Some jobs can come with accommodation, saving you even more pennies. Qualifications are a must for most of these jobs but it’s a great way to broaden your culinary horizons.

Nanny/Au Pair

If you have experience of working with children, you can find some fantastic jobs in countries around the world looking after kids. Often these come with accommodation, great for money saving and mean that you are usually immersed in the lives and language of your host family, making for a wonderful travel experience. A CV and references will definitely be required for these jobs.


If you’re a dab hand on the guitar or can carry a tune, the world is your oyster. From street busking and cruise ships to playing piano in bars or the bagpipes at weddings, the musical traveller can easily earn a crust playing for passing folks. If you get a job in a hotel, on a ship or in a bar you can make enough to get by and probably meet some likeminded musicians into the bargain.


If you have a love of skiing and snow, combine your passions while earing cash by working a ski season. Whether in France, Austria or America, you’ll get chalet accommodation and free or cheap ski hire and lift passes in return for cooking and cleaning the chalets of visiting tourists. If you can ski, and have an instructor qualification, this is another great way to enjoy the slopes and make piles of cash.


VSO is a volunteer organisation who finds placements all around the world for skilled workers in a variety of disciplines. You can check on their website for the latest requirements. You will always end up working for a worthy local cause but the difference is that VSO pay money towards living costs and expenses and you get a lump sum amount when you return to your home country. Placements can be just a few weeks or up to two years.



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