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I’m a blogger who hates writing about himself so this is going to be a really short bio! I hail from North Wales in the UK and I’m extremely proud of it! I’m currently in the “lets save lots of money before the next big trip” phase but it doesn’t seem to be working as I keep booking small breaks away here and there. My ultimate travel goal is to reach Antarctica. It’s been my dream since I was a small child sitting in front of the TV watching Pingu. I plan on travelling for as long as possible and pray that I never say no to going on an adventure!

Get to know me in 10 Questions

Best known for; being that Welsh artist that travels a bit

Best travel moment; All travel moments are the best…aren’t they?

Worst travel moment; Being violated in Thailand.

Top travel tip; don’t just travel… write about it too and you get everything free!

What are the top 5 items in your backpack? Canon 7D, GoPro, Lucky boxer shorts, iPhone, earplugs.

Don’t tell my mum but…. I’m actually an international playboy… and if you believe that then you’ll believe any old crap.

Best way to meet new people on the road? By not avoiding people. Seriously, who wrote these questions!?

Your one travel regret… Getting to know our resident BackpackerBanter. He’s forever sending me dirty messages and calling me in the middle of the night!

Your most anticipated bucket list item? Taking my Dad scuba diving. It’s one of his dreams.

Current travel plans… Take each day as it comes. See where the road leads me. Cheesy but true.