5 Ways To Keep In Touch While Travelling

We live in an amazing age for communication – well some make think otherwise but the sheer amount of social media and tech means keeping in touch with people is heaps easy!

I’ve been on the road for a few years now and to be blunt I don’t really miss anyone! People ask me why and it’s simple really – I chat to everyone all the time, people know what i’m up to via my blog and the joys of the internet mean I can even see these people whilst talking to them. They’re still as much of a part of my life when I’m sunning myself on an island in Thailand or on a glacier in New Zealand as they are when I’m back in my own living room in the same town as them!

As a backpacker although you’re looking to escape the 9-5 grind and explore it’s still important to keep in touch with people back home, not just to annoy them (although to be honest this is now my main reason!) but because that’s what friend do!

Luckily there’s a whole heap of ways for backpackers to keep in touch with home (or travel buddies for that matter) – here’s My Top 5 Ways To Keep In Touch While Travelling...


  • Postcards – you can’t beat a good old fashioned bit of postcard communication with home? What sums up your travel fun more than a generic photo of a place, an exotic stamp and some squashed up writing?! Or you could take postcards into the 21st century with a smartphone app called TouchNote, which turns your phone pictures in to postcards ince postage and a mpa of where you sent it from! Postcards just got a whole lot easier!


  • Whats App/iMessage/Viber/Heytell – there’s a millions smartphone apps that allow you to easily get in touch with friends and family, be it texts, pics or short voice messages. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days and as long as you can steal some free wifi it’s cheap and easy to do!


  • Facetime/Skype – if you want to actually see peoples from time to time then a good old bit of skype video calling or Facetime is perfect, providing you have a reliable internet connection. For me this is my preferred method as it’s nice to have a face to face chat…well nearly!


  • Calls – Sometimes a good old fashioned phone call is always good! Especially if you know people who haven’t quite caught up with 21st century tech! Luckily making international phone calls doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore and you can easily do it via the internet or phone card.


  • Facebook – easily the best way to keep in touch with multiple people is Facebook. Love it or hate it for a backpacker it’s the quickest way to share information, show people your pics or send a private message. Even if you don’t chat to people one on one at least your buddies won’t be out of the loop on what you’re up to and you can keep an eye on the gossip back home!


How do you guys keep in touch with people whilst on the road? Message in a bottle? Written letter?!



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